The owner of a grey cat (jennielf) wrote,
The owner of a grey cat


So, Monica just came to pick up her stuff and left. I felt _extremely_ akward. I knew it was very emotional for everyone in the house, and i didnt want to get in anyone's way, but i also wanted to help at the same time. hrm. I also feel a little mad at her, however, the issues that i am unhappy about are completely out of my (and her's for the most part) control, so i do not "blame" her for anything. Ultimately we must all do what we must to live our lives in a way that is best for us not other people. I just hope that this was the best thing for her to do with her life. I wish her the best. I am also feeling guilty for being happy that she left because now I get my own room instead of sharing wth the boy or sleeping on the couch.

Monica, I send good energies this way and I hate that I feel like I am taking your place in this house (im not but, I kinda fell like i am with moving into the room and all)...I wish you well and hope you are happy in your new phase of life.

be well.

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