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Home from the movies...

Hrm. Prestiege was quite quite good. definetly worth seeing.
The end dragged a bit, especially after i had it all figured out about 30-45 minutes (at least) before the end.
Very good tho.
Amazing filmmaking techniques. (well, its Nolan, duh.) Time with him is so very very fluid. :) impressive tho how you always know (for the most part) what time frame you are in...
The acting is superb! Its very nice to see Hugh Jackman playing a character with lots of shades of grey, that isnt a pretty boy in a romantic comedy or a comic book hero (even tho that particular charcter is dark in his own way...) And Christian Bale, as always, nails it. Amazing performance (dare i say Oscar worthy? pity, the academy wont notice it...) Its a great performance while watching the movie and then after everything is revealed at the end, you sit back and rethink that performance and realize just how much _work_ went into the nuances of that performance (I would love to know what someone else thinks about this aspect...) And i wish i go into more, but i cant without spoiling the biggest plot point of the movie.
It sucks when you are sitting, watching a movie taht you love and are really into while at the same time trying to pick it apart and relate and figure out the secrets...biut i do get off on movies that make me think....its kind of funny that way. I saw Nightmare earlier, which allowed me to turn off my brain and just engage the fun/singing part of me, and then i saw the prestiege which turned on my full intelligence and analytical part of me. No matter how you look at it, tonight was a win win situation. :) yay.
Now the only thing that would have made this better, was to have been able to see both with Andrew. I miss my movie going friend....



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Oct. 21st, 2006 03:57 pm (UTC)
say stoked that you enjoyed the movies!!

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