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The bestest Nightmare....

Movie just finished. That was terriffic!!!!
I must say that they didnt stoop to "cheap 3-D tricks" (to quote Fozzie)....but it looked awesome! The print (and i use that term loosly for something running off a HD or a DVD) was very clean and spiffy looking. The extra dimension the digital 3D gave to the movie was amazing and completely worth the $9!
If you love Nightmare, go see it!
The crowd was terriffic and almost a full house....slight under buzz of people singing during the movie but nothing distracting or that you could definetly hear... And tthey applauded at the end! wow. i cant remeber the last time i went to a movie and the entire theatre applauded at the end. That was way spiffy. :)

Im doing a guilty pleasure and I am going to go see the 10:45 show of the Prestiege. the new Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale movie....It sounds very good. :)
Will post more later....
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