January 5th, 2007


The batman fanfic that Everyone should read!!!


Wow. This is good shit. This is better than some novels (regardless of author or genre) ive read in the past few years...This is mtgat good. More people should know of this batman story, it is scary well thought out and well done and well written and all characters (as far as i can tell) are really really well written in character. *sigh* This is the kind of writing i have in my head, but cant put down on paper/screen. But damn i know when ive read it. I think maybe the only critique i have about this is that Hush is written a bit too over the top at the end for an underhanded mastermind, especially in such a gritty realisticly written fic, (he does monologue, just a bit) but, I can forgive that...Oh, and we dont see nearly enough of Montoya in the body of the fic (she opens and closes it and has a breif scene in the last third) but she could be in there more, but that is small potatoes compared to the flow and pacing and characterization in this thing.
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My but Im active today...

So, my coworker and I went shopping together for a wedding present for my boss. (Yes, we were both invited, its on Sat)...Afterwords we met up with some of her friends for a couple of drinks. Those who know me, know that this is not a situation i find myself in very often. Because: A) I dont drink. B) I dont hang out with people I dont know. C) I dont do idle chatter/conversation. D) I dont smoke and i dont like being around people who do.
However, i found myself being in a situation with all of the above, plus early 20-somethings who im not going to judge and make assumuptions about, but i noticed taht they all were having a difficult time holding conversations of more than a few sentences. Fortunately, I could order food and eat and not have to be chatty. This was a Good ThingTM.
I learned several things tonight. A) I do not find people who are getting drunk, just to hang out and be drunk, much fun to be around. I lose respect for these people very very quickly. B) Freshly minced garlic on french fries is excellent. C) I still dont like being around people who smoke and dont care if they blow it in your face. D) I have very little patience or respect for people who talk over other people...(yes, i know i do this often, its one of the things to work on this year) E) I am not a fluffy-headed (sorry, i am making assumptions, but please forgive me) sorority girl who has no thought in her brain other than what to drink next or how amazingly crappy her step-parent is or which of my friends said x, y, or z and pissed me off. (yes, i know my pronouns are all confused, deal with it) F) The people I was with tonight really made me miss my friends in Atlanta. Intelligent conversation is something i miss in a big big way. G) I lead a sad existence when all i wanted to do was get back to my laptop and blog about this (because this is the closest thing to an intelligent conversation I will have for a week). H) I am lonely. I) I dont like idle chatter, and I especially don't like idle chatter with people I dont know. J) I just looked over this and I realized, i am an intellectual snob. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

To defend myself and some of my remarks above...I do like hanging with my friends and family. i enjoy a pleasant time in a relaxed atmosphere, however, I shouldnt feel guilty for not drinking something. (Sorry, sore point, im working through a bit of subconcious peer pressure) (And it helps where there is common ground with which to start talking about.) I enjoy intelligent conversation. Now, im not saying i only enjoy debating politics or anything, but there is definetly more to life than who said what to whom at a party. And if a friend does not want to hang out, at least i am not selfish enough to berate them for trying to place grad school and sanity before going to get a drink with friends at 9:00 at night. (That little overheard conversation (at the table!!) annoyed me no end!)

So anyone with any bright ideas on how to get me to not retreat further into my self-imposed hermitage and not become a 30yo grump, shaking my fist and yelling "Kids these days!" I started working at the bookstore to help with that, and I do enjoy working there and talking to my co-workers...am i being an alarmist? do i just live in a different reality than those i hung with tonight?and not worry about it? How does one start finding new friends and so forth when the idea of going out and doing what i did tonight fills me with dread?

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