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movie reviews

So, just got out of Open season. Not bad. Not as stupid as I thought it would be and fortunately very very very few potty humor jokes (especially for a movie with ashton kutcher in it). The animation was quite nice and some of the fur and water algorithms were phenomenal. I mean, the fur looked like real matted fur and the water in the white water rapids didnt look plastic! woah. :) The story was mostly an offbeat buddy movie with a quite supurbly subtle environmental message. The songs were well written but lame/slow and just stopped the movie when they played. The blueish-purple porcupine, just cracked me up!!! And the running disposable bunny theme was wrong but very very funny. :) Deborah Messing also totally did not sound like Deborah Messing, wich was cool, her character definetly looked like her odd. :) All in all, mostly worth the price of a matinee ticket. Now, waiting for Man of the Year to start...
(on a total side note, but not: I miss having a movie buddy to go with on a weekly or biweekly basis.... Andrew, wanna move down here?? :)

...So, Man of the Year just finished....
It is three movies about three very important issues all rolled into one. 1 - Independent candidates and how they could get on ballots via the internet and why they matter and may possibly be necessary. 2 - The flaws of electronic voting systems and how far companies go to cover up secrets that are bad for buisness. 3 - Honesty and dating in politics. Sorry, actually there were four, 4 - How TV has created (for good or bad) the ability for everyone to be an expert and for everything to be "real". The movie is quite solid, it gets a little weird towards the end but is a good solid look at the imperfections in the systems of politics (as it is today), trust in computers (and those that run them), and TV. Wow. Thats a lot for one movie and for the most part it pulls it off (being directed by the guy that did Wag the Dog doesn't hurt). Small warning tho, Robin Williams does tend to be Robin Williams in a few places...and if you are unfamiliar with some of his earlier work, you should know that means he can get into humor at times. Particularly there are a few jokes right at the beginning of the movie and at the end of the movie that may be considered offensive to some people. (i think a whole group/family left right after the one at the beginning (which is the more colorful one), if that gives you any indication...) Also, there is only one big scene where he gets way fast talking and slightly unintelligible (its also a scene that drags for way too long IMHO.)

Also, the theatre that I saw it at is way way spiffy. It is quite new and they are 3-4 projectors away from making it an all-digital multiplex!!! wow. The last time I saw a digital projected movie, I was unimpressed with the quality. Today i saw 2 and if I hadnt known before hand that they were digital projections (they tell you before the movie starts), I dont think I would have known...Standards must have been agreed upon at some point in the industry, im sorry i missed that. I knew they were trying to be worked out, but I thought it would be another year or so...especially with the general expense of converting. I also didnt know that that many movies were being released in Digital. Huh. Learn something new everyday I guess... (and who would have thought this paradigm shift would be taking place not in a major city....although it is very suburban...hmmmmm...

Also, Aaron Gottlieb needs a copy of Kevin Clash's recent memoir. seriously. If someone in Atlanta doesn't give him a copy, or if he doesn't have one already, its my early xmas gift to him... in fact, most of everyone should read it, well written, light yet profound at the same time....very impressive, he should be role model to everyone (and not just because he has his hand up the butt of the most famous small red furry monster this side of Kermit). Seriously. The man came from almost nothing and followed his dream and is now one of the most famous (and influential to small children) performers/producers in the world.

Sorry this just totally became a book, but its all (mostly) important. And to top it all off Im writing/posting this sitting outside at an outdoor mall stealing bandwidth from an ice cream shop. :) hehehehe. see ya on the flip side.
be well.
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