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My life...

Today at work was odd.
I finally got signed up for Health insurance (and good plan too!), but had a frustarting moment when i realized because of a miscommunication error i could not charge for a half-hour of work taht i did. argh.

I have terriffic roommates. For those of you keeping track at home, they are no loger officially together, but it is not my story to tell the whys or wherefores, lets just say that the situation is more comfortable and weirder at the same time, but it is definetly one I am willing to help make better. if you need more info please ask strange_kittie and fairylovemonkey about it.

I have also gotten addicted to the LJ icons. to the point where i am making them (and posting them!!) and where strange_kittie has been amazingly sweet enough to feed my addiction and gift me with the ability to have _more_ in my online collection. I dont know whether to damn her or kiss her. I have told her I owe her at least two icons for that, she just needs to let me know what.

um...i think thats about all for now....i need to go play more Okami (i enjoy playing as a wolf that paints) and paint over more bad guys. :)

be well.

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