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Just finished watching the most current Avatar ep...

I MISS Appa!!!
Evidently, so does Momo...
Wow...could there have been a more proper and emotional way to say goodbye and pay respects to Mako? Wow. I cried. That was way impressive.
Zuko gots kissed!!! how sweet!!! Toph completely rocks!, however, neither one of the girls should wear makeup, its just kinda wrong...they are much better at just being them in all their bending glory. It is very cool to get to watch smart, strong (metaphorically and actually) young women, be ok in just being them. what an awesome message. And Sokka can do haiku. somehow that fits, but especially the end..hehehehe. :) Aang, as always just rocks hard. he is the impetuous of so much action, but i love the way it has such a positive spin on it...
This episode is just is a major example of why this show is one of the best things on TV, animated or not. If you re not watching it you should. period. Excellent writing, well paced plots, chracters that are multi-dimensional (in a "kids" cartoon!!), and lots of great messages in terms of morals, ethics, and role models. Wow. :) I get more impressed by this "cartoon" every episode.

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