The owner of a grey cat (jennielf) wrote,
The owner of a grey cat

5th Day

Well, a very very dear friend of mine who is quite wise and supremely funny told me that i should remember that as long as I walk out the door and be able to say i did one productive/successful thing today, then it was a good day. That would be today. This morning didnt suck exactly, but it wasnt great either. I realized i screwed up a couple of things and hopefully it wont come back to bite me on the ass. However, this afternoon went fairly well and I made my first phone call to someone to tell them taht they owed us money when they thought they didnt...i didnt screw up and stated it nice and plainly, and helped them understand that they were being given a discount (sorta). it is all good. :) it all went a bit better after that.

Amusing thought for the day....supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is recognized by MS word spellchecka nd is even automatically corrected when needed. i thought that was very cool. :)

be well.

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