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Im tired.

Went to Miami at O'frelling early this morning for a buisness trip.
Drive was fine. Forgot about adding in extra for there late, but was Ok 'cause I couldnt do anything til the store manager got there to give me the stuff to set up, and she didnt get there 'til 9ish.
Setup went fine, slow, but fine. Store was supposed to have internet. It didnt so that neutered my job quite a bit, but there wasnt anything I could do about it... :)
Drive back was fine. Lots of Cops and wrecks on the road. None of which involved me. :) Evidently people in South Florida cannot drive.
Lots of sideswipes and stuff. Very weird. Saw _lots_ of cops on I-95. No, mom, I wasnt speeding, thank you very much. :)

Moon got out of surgery fine. she is still in pain, and trying to convince her parents that it is ok for her to come home. :)

Life is funny that way.

Did I mention I am tired? But boss let me out of work early, so that was nice.

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