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Going camping


Getting my shit together to go camping with my roommates was insane. they had already left and I didnt get out of work until a bit after 7...i had stuff to finish so i get go away this weekend and when i got home the kitchen was insane and desperately needed to be cleaned...grrr. we will be having a talk about that. (I think im turning into my mother....ack!)

The drive was nice. It was total zen for me...loud music, open road, and me and the car. :)
Camping tends to be a bit of a hazardous activity for me...bugs and i do not get along...
so we will see... last couple of times i was here i had quasi-psychotic episodes because of the buggy bites.... I enjoyed the drive and I enjoy listening to everyone talk... I guess im just not much of a joiner which is fine...


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  • 30 Jun 2016, 15:38
    Hey! I hope you thrill at Colorado! WHen you know your physical or mailing address, could you pass it along? Thank you! We all think of you with love! Robert
  • 6 Mar 2013, 15:01
    Congratulations! This kid is going to have a great time!

    Keep posting.
  • 25 Feb 2013, 14:05
    I am so happy for you! What a wonderful thing to wake up to on a monday morning. Yes, I am a week late, but that is about right in bella-time.

    Congrats to you both - you know where i am if you…
  • 23 Feb 2013, 03:50
  • 19 Sep 2012, 22:47
    im just trying to get caught up on LJ a little now, so i just saw this and i'm so sorry hon. :( beautiful pictures though. a beautiful girl. i'm so glad she was lucky to have a happy long life with…
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