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Thoughts on 9/11

(Thanks to Tyleet1047 for giving me the idea to put this stuff down in blog form) :)

Anniversaries are funny things. They make you relook at something you had thought you were past.

On every 9/11 I have a certain polo that I wear. It was a shirt I had recently purchased taht year at DragonCon and I really liked it. I was wearing it that day and, well, some things just stick with you and become a personal tradition. It is a black polo with Celtic Knotwork around a sword entwined with roses. They stand for rememberance and security. I cant think of better symbolism to wear on a day like today than that.
I remeber being in the Pre-K class I had just started working about a week or two before, a fellow co-worker had taken the morning off to go to the doctor and called us to tell us what was going on and taht the principal was not letting her back in the building. We then found out about 5 minutes later that the school was on lockdown and we were not to tell the children _anything_! That was possibly the hardest part that day, children's parents would come to teh school to check them out, but we did it as quietly as possible, one minute a child would be there, the next gone. Kids were starting to notice and I think it was kinda starting to freak them out. Also, we did not have the ability to watch the news, what we found out taht day was in bits and pieces from cell phone conversations, web site news reports, and the occasional email...I did not saw the video of the attack until almost midnight that night.
I remember going to my projection job taht night and being so frustrated with my manager for not letting me go home (all i wanted was to go home and be with my parents)...he said later that he had thought taht I had spent the whole day at home, he didnt realize I had been at my other job on lockdown all day. (btw - lockdown in a school (especially a special-ed/pre-k)is a little scary and stressful, it means that no one can go in or out, parents can pick up their children but only after presenting proper id and even then they cannot step inside the school, they must wait out front. generally lockdown also means taht the kids cannot go outside for recess, that can be the hardest part...)

I mourn the loss of everyone that died that day. They were all killed for a reason that does not make much sense to the western culture point of view. Do I think Bin Laden is correct in his point of view? No. Do I try to understand it? Yes. I believe that true understanding can only come by being able to see someone else's point of view. Am I a firm believer in the greatness of America as a country and an ideology? Yes. Do I agree with what the politicians have done since 9.11.01? No. Force should not be retailiated by force. I thought this was a better country with more intelligence than that, I feel very dissapointed in the current leadership of this country. Do I think we should try to force our point of view and way of life on other cultures? No. What works for us politically amy not work for other cultures for many different reasons. I believe these countries and cultures should have help when needed and asked for, but why are we trying to tell the world how it should be??

I love you all and you are always in my thoughts. :)


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Sep. 12th, 2006 10:36 am (UTC)
ok - lockdown sounds to be very sucky - i'm sorry you had that experience on top of the general 9/11 trauma.

Sep. 12th, 2006 12:08 pm (UTC)
I was with Dolores on the way to college and heard the first hit on the radio. We both thought it was a joke or maybe a one or two passenger student plane. When we got to school our teacher lead us to the library and said she'd come get us when it was time. Less than 2 minutes later the second plane hit. Interestingly enough it was my Mass Communications class. Class turned into discussion, debate, and ideas on how to present this type of info/tradgedy to the world and any possible outcomes. It definitely made for an interesting and emotional day. btw I really like your shirt and now I understand it all the better. I very much agree with your stance on true understanding. Much love and light sent to you.

Blessed be,
( 2 Tummy Rubs — Pet Angela? )


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