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Life is cool!

So, Sunday was awesome!!
Went to Disney with Aaron Gotlieb...we had an absolute blast!!! I actually went to Animal Kingdom for the first time, ever. I had to go ride Everest. It was very very good! :) My friend Brian works at AK and he took me on Dinosaur the ride. And he has a picture to prove it. The very big scary fake dino was right on top of my face, and scared the hell out of me. to the point where i hid my head into Brian's shoulder. Hence the embarrasing picture. Brian thought it was great fun. So did Aaron.

It was a great day.

This week and last week were very stressful at work, to the point where i dont even know where to start... Hopefully it will get better.

My roomies are awesome. We enjoy spending time together and eating together and stuff. Much love to teh Moon and the Hannah. :)

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